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Dr Paul Henning

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Dr Paul Henning

I’m currently an active duty Army officer with over 16 years of experience and I am also an online FitPro where I help busy people develop efficient and permanent solutions to fix their metabolism so they enhance how they look, feel & function so they can show up with extreme confidence and feel amazing in their own skin.

I focused the majority of my military career enhancing Warfighter health and performance through biomedical research; particularly in exercise physiology and nutrition. I am blessed to have worked with some of the military's finest Soldiers, Rangers, and Special Forces.

I am also a dad and husband and love family life! I have one boy and three girls and absolutely enjoy being a dad. Staying healthy is so important to me so I can continue to show up for my wife and children as the best version of myself possible!

I am passionate about helping people enhance all aspects of their lives through health and wellness. I believe our health is everything and being healthy in mind and body leads to a more fulfilling life full of confidence in ourselves which portrays and enhances the quality of our life and the ones we love.

I’ve dedicated my professional life to helping people transform their health, mindset, fitness and nutrition. With over 25 years of academic and practical knowledge in the fitness industry and over 15 years of leadership experience as an Army officer; I combine a habit-based approach, accountability and support network to guide people through the essential steps needed to look, feel, and function better and learn how to keep their results permanently.


*Florida State University, Doctorate, Exercise Physiology, Distinguished Military Graduate, Reserve Officer Training Corps

*Florida State University, Masters of Science, Exercise Physiology 

*East Stroudsburg University, Bachelors of Science, Physical Education


*NSCA-Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

*Metabolic Precision

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